Summer Sixteen

all summer sixteen…all summer sixteen

We’ve just hit September and just like that my summer in Rhode Island has come to a close. I’ve just gotten back to steamy Dubai with a whole load of unpacking to do and a severe case of jet lag. Ah the glorious New England summer came and went so fast in a blink of an eye. The summer was full of fun excursions all over my little state discovering new spots and revisiting old favorites. During my husband’s visit we enjoyed bike rides on the East Bay Bike Path, marshmallow roasting & star gazing in the backyard, hiking on the trails near my house, oysters galore, and a lovely long weekend in my fave NYC as well as a couple days in Boston. Another few weeks were spent with my sister, bro-in-law and cute nephew Ilan (he’s quite the handful). The rest of my days were spent frolicking around Providence with my parents, farm hopping, home chilling, shopping way more than I should have, taking in as much oxygen as possible, feeding my love for coffee with a barista fundamentals course, antique’ing, and a wee bit of cooking. Usually my summers are full of kitchen experiments, but tbh this summer I just needed a little break from it all. I rarely get to enjoy mom’s cooking or anyone’s cooking for that matter, so I took a back seat and indulged in being fed!

PS did I forget to mention the Drake & Future concert in Boston my sister and I went to? Seriously beyond LIT.

Sharing some of my favorite moments from the summer:

home sweet home. this is the home I grew up in and my parents have been here for more than thirty years

heavenly fruit & veg from local Rhode Island farms

you can’t come to New England and not indulge in our seafood. Rhode Island is home to classics such as clam cakes and stuffies. Clam cakes are similar to fritters but have a more cake-like consistency and stuffies are made with quahogs (a hard shelled clam only found in Rhode Island) mixed with bread crumbs, herbs & spices and then put back into the shell for serving. A true Rhode Island dish

towering pine trees in our backyard. these look so beautiful when they’re covered in snow during the winter

a zucchini flower, tomato, & basil tart I made with homemade farmers cheese

idyllic field of sunflowers at Dame Farm

delicious wood fired margherita pizza and roasted olives at POSTO in Boston

my cozy corner at home with my dad’s library and vintage Eames lounge chair

coffee love

we have a very kind neighbor who often leaves veggies from his garden on our doorstep, these beautiful flowers & garlic showed up one morning and my sister and I were over the moon

I ate so many tomato sandwiches this summer, these juicy heirlooms were dropped off by our neighbor and we were on a tomato diet for a good two weeks

in return my sister and I baked our neighbor 3 mini vanilla berry loaves

an evening with Drizzy Drake screaming every song at the top of my lungs

flower filled hiking trails

a private tour of the stunning new West Elm in Providence

hello cutest nephew

summer veg frittata and a loaded grazing board I made on a weekend brunch. that humboldt fog cheese is beyond

walk all the way to back of famed pizzeria Roberta’s and you will find some Michelin magic at Blanca

typical Bushwick

Me digging the Brooklyn vibes and wishing I was cooler

an afternoon at the Whitney Museum

NYC views

when vegan food is just so delicious at By CHLOE

West Village charm

another late evening hike with a “Stranger Things” feel through the trees

unbelievably good fish crudo at Oberlin in Providence (named as one of the best new restaurants of 2016 by Bon Appetit)

the beauty of the Atlantic

a dreamy field covered in Queen Anne’s Lace that I literally stumbled upon

a brunch I prepared for my parents out on the deck

Toscanini’s ice cream in Cambridge, named “the best ice cream in the world” by the New York Times

roasting marshmallows under a starry sky

can never get enough…

evening strolls

warm North Bakery cookies with milk (one of my favorite bakeries in RI)

a fully loaded flatbread my sister and I made together

malted ice coffees at the SOWA market in South Boston, these were yum

heavenly hydrangeas in historic Wickford

hot turkish tea and a sujouk kashkaval sandwich at Istanbul Gourmet

lovely late afternoon light in the dining room


just so much green

Talulah’s Taqueria, no explanation required

a day of berry picking at Barden Orchard and the first glimpse of fall pumpkins & apples

a berry crumble I made right before I left



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  1. Lovely and captivating Noreen…you make want to take a trip to RI…lucky you getting away from the heat of Dubai.

  2. As always Noreen, enjoyed your blog. You have a flair for style,a passion for delectables,a peeping eye thru the lens & interesting reads of your journey …keep it up!! Best Wishes. M

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