Ode to Tomato Toast

My annual summer vacation in Rhode Island has officially come to a close. I’m back in Dubai and views out of the 36th floor of my apartment differ greatly, I like to call it from green to brown. My hometown is fairly agrarian so we are lucky to be just a quick ride (sometimes walk) from a farm. We also have an incredibly kind neighbor who drops wonderful little bundles of vegetables at our front door every so often. He’s our own vegetable fairy.

Let’s be honest here, summer is alllllll about tomatoes. Big ones, little ones, fat ones, skinny ones, red ones, multicolored ones. You get the point. By late July/early August tommies are in their ultimate prime and the farm stands are bursting with varieties: black krim, tigerella, & hillbilly are my personal faves. These tomatoes are stunning on their own and hardly need anything besides a sprinkle of salt and a glug of good olive oil, but I do love dressing them up on toast with avocado, garden herbs & chili. So that’s exactly what I did this past summer – I call it my ode to tomato toast. No fancy styling or photography, just simply what I ate.



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