Finding Cozy

This post is just so predictable, isn’t it? Of course she’s going to write about something autumn-esqe/cozy/season related. Hate me or love me for it, it’s happening. I’ve had a bit more than usual extra time on my hands lately – the nature of freelance work lends itself to either being beyond busy without a moment to breathe or eat anything besides what shows up at my door in a takeaway box or on the other end of things, an unforeseen span of free time that allows me to go out for coffee every morning and bake babka. Both have their rightful pros and cons, the libra in me prefers a fine balance of both.

I spend a lot of time at home, a much milder version of a homebody in my own way. Most of my creative content projects are all done in the comfort of my apartment so I always want it to be a space that both inspires and comforts me. Whilst it doesn’t have the creaky wooden floors, forest views and unique charm of my home in Rhode Island, I try to create a sense of cozy as much as I can. I love having blankets and throws on the couch, candles lit every evening, and a soothing playlist on the Bose as I go about my day. For me it’s the little things that create coziness – whether baking a cake, the excitement of autumnal fruits on my kitchen counter or a little plant added into my entryway.

I just wanted to share a few moments of how I get those cozy vibes going at #nonisplace. Getting cozy means something different to everyone, there are no universal rules and I imagine it can vary from place to place. I would love to know how you find coziness?

the most gorgeous/delicious Lebanese figs & Iranian grapes. I’m thinking of roasting the grapes and using the figs for breakfasts and cheese boards

books and blankets in the corner of the sofa

jewel toned fig & apricot cake

fuzzy slippers for when I’m feeling extra

revamped the entryway with a hanging ivy plant and a framed illustration by Cachete Jack 

when Apple Music knows the way to your heart

vanilla bundt with apples, pecans & browned butter

I was able to find some adorable mini pumpkins at Lulu Hypermarket and used them in this little autumnal table setting

my entryway last Halloween

an arduous loaf of chocolate babka that took a whole day to complete







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